Job Type

Ravenna, OH • Unified Resources – Portage Industries
Production Operations Clerical Assistant


SCHEDULE: Daily, Monday Thru Friday, 8-hours per day.  Periodic adjustment of work hours may be necessary due to customer requirements.



This is a clerical support position in our business operations and requires professionalism, organizational skill, coordination, pleasant disposition, and ability to balance and manage multiple competing priorities.



1. General day-to-day support of production operations on the floor as requested which may involve and is not limited to:

a. Assist in assigning work projects to work groups

b. Pulling component parts and providing them to work groups

c. Assigning and tracking proper job codes and informing staff regarding current project in process

d. Participating in time studies and completing the required record keeping in compliance with U.S. Department of Labor requirements.

e. Coverage of work group in the absence of regular staff

f. Assist in assuring quality output for all customer work projects.


2. General day-to-day support of production operations related to office and administration of work projects which may involve and is not limited to:

a. Daily tracking of job codes for work being done on the floor, informing staff and keeping the information for accuracy of payroll processing.

b. Keep job code book up to date and accurate; provide job code information for staff.

c. Customer relations including scheduling of work, pick-up and delivery schedules and related assignments

d. Matching delivery slips to customer purchase orders and providing and communicating the necessary information for generating customer invoices

e. Use of Brittco software that supports production operations and assures staff accuracy; may involve staff training to address accuracy issues.

f. Collaborating with office staff in completing production-related office functions

g. Awareness of payroll functions as they relate to documentation of completed work projects.

h. Awareness of U.S Department of Labor, Special Minimum wage requirements and ability to address compliance concerns in production groups.

i. Understands and supports staff and consumers to comply with WIOA requirements; collaborates with the scheduling and implementation of required training.


3. Complies with agency policies and procedures, COA regulations, federal and state requirements,  and educational/certification/registry requirements.

4.  Other duties as assigned.

1. Organizational skills applied to the responsibilities of the position.

2. Attention to detail and accuracy required.

3. Able to work collaboratively with staff, consumers, customers and management in all production-related functions.

4. Understands and supports customer requirements

5. Basic understanding and skill to implement business operations, customer service, payroll, and recordkeeping requirements.



1. Must meet and maintain training and skill requirements for Direct Support Specialist position

2. Degree and/or post-high school training preferred in business and/or human services curriculum

3. Must have basic skills in computer operations.



1. Experience in business operations preferred

2. Experience providing services for individuals with developmental disabilities required

3. Experience documenting Medicaid services

4. Experience documenting required work-related records.



1. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, bend, twist, crouch, and stoop.  Physical assistance with normal daily functions is required for consumers in accordance with their Individual Support Plan.

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