Community Inclusion Specialist/Direct Support Specialist
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Ravenna, OH • Unified Resouces – Portage Industries
Community Inclusion Specialist


SCHEDULE:  Full-Time, Monday-Friday. Some variations in hours worked may occur.



The primary responsibility for this position is to arrange for and provide activities in the community for people with developmental disabilities to experience community life and community inclusion. Planning and implementing activities in the community should be done based on the needs and interests of each individual participant. Depending upon the needs of each individual participant, training activities may need to occur to prepare for a community-based location or event. This program is intended to promote and facilitate valued social roles for the person and in the context of their chosen community-based activities. The role of the position holder is to understand each person well, know each person well and design supports for successful experiences.



1. Develop, monitor, and assure implementation of meaningful community experiences based on Individual Service Plan (ISP) and interests of the individual. Note strengths, issues, concerns, successes; plan and work with consumers to develop appropriate community experiences.

2. Participate in team meetings and other scheduled meetings related to program implementation. Develop ideas and strategies regarding the outcomes and activities in the ISP based on knowledge and information about the individual. Work collaboratively with Habilitation Coordinators and Direct Support Staff to support consumers in pursuing their interests in the community.

3. Develop and implement services that include what is “important to” and “important for” the individual.

4. Assure health and welfare of individuals served.

5. Representing the organization, serve as primary point of communication with families, residential providers, SSA’s, and community resources as necessary and beneficial to the individual and their desired outcomes.

6. Must be familiar with Medicaid rules and company policies that govern program operations and funding. Perform job-related functions in compliance with applicable rules. Observe day to day operations and address any concerns related to rules and policies with immediate supervisor

7. Develop strategies to plan and consistently carry out community-based activities in accordance with applicable rules and best practice.

8. Must develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with community partners, businesses and other entities where consumers have interests to participate.

9. Develop and implement community inclusion activities that reflect the interests and skills of people served. Represent Portage Industries, Inc. to community people, organizations, educational entities and businesses in a positive and informed manner in order to solicit their engagement with people served.

10. Assure opportunities for community inclusion for individuals served, both within the facility and in the community. Encourage and support self-advocacy and self-determination.

11. Assure accurate and timely documentation of services delivered. Meet deadlines set by policies, procedures, and management directives. Assure documentation of opportunities for consumers that refuse, no show or otherwise do not participate in community-based activities.

12. Participate in program audits and compliance reviews. Assist and support all compliance efforts. Bring observed non-compliance to the attention of immediate supervisor.

13. Position includes daily direct service responsibilities providing supports for individuals served; modeling interactions for direct service staff, and inclusion in the staff ratio to assure compliance with applicable rules.

14. Develop rapport and work collaboratively internally and external to the organization in the completion of all responsibilities of the position.

15. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with individuals served, families, SSA’s, other providers and staff and management of the organization.

16. Provide direct services and supports as needed and support and team lead staff in service delivery.

17. Instruct, coach, support and assist consumers in their day-to-day schedule of work and community involvements.

18. Comply with agency policies and procedures, DoDD regulations, federal and state requirements, and educational/certification/registry requirements.

19. Recommend equipment, supplies and materials needed to implement outcome-related activities in consumer ISP’s.

20. Perform other duties as assigned.

1. Must be familiar with and have a working knowledge of applicable rules of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (ORC and OAC), HIPAA regulations, and internal organizational policies and procedures.

2. Accurate and timely documentation, note taking skills and attention to detail are requirements of the job. The success of the position-holder and the organization is dependent on these skills.

3. Two years related experience is preferred. Creative problem-solving skills, training and support skills, ability to see issues that need to be addressed and find and implement solutions, skill in coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish a goal. Excellent communication skills required. Knowledge of coordinating services, monitoring services, summarizing data, psychological and behavioral supports, person-centered program plan content and design including outcomes and relevant activities.

4. High school level math, writing and spelling skills are required.

5. Must be able to grasp the culture of a variety of environments, assess what is required for an individual served to succeed in the environment and provide individualized support leading to success.

6. Must be able to meet all required credentials as determined by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Valid driver’s license required. New employee training and continuing education thereafter required.

7. Must meet all initial and ongoing training requirements to provide Non-medical Transportation services including but not limited to On the Road Training.

8. Must be able to pass physical exam required for drivers and drug testing requirements.

9. Position holder will be required to safely and effectively use a variety of vehicles including vehicles equipped for wheelchair transport in order to perform the requirements of the job.



High school diploma or GED required. College degree in related field of study preferred.

Must be able to meet all requirements of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities for direct support staff.



Position holder must be able to stand, walk, lift and move objects. In the performance of these functions, the employee must be able to stoop, bend, twist and crouch. Vision, hearing and speech are required to the extent the employee must be able to understand communication and provide communication regarding duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description. The employee must be able to move and respond quickly when the immediate needs of individuals served must be met.

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