Peer Recovery Supporter
Job Details
Job Type

Kent, OH • Counseling Office – Kent
Full-Time (40 hours/week)

Salary:  $35,000 – 40,000 – Annual


Location:  Kent, OH


Job Description:



POSITION TITLE: Peer Recovery Support Specialist

DEPARTMENT/PROGRAM: AxessPointe/SafePointe

REPORTS TO: Clinical Supervisor

SCHEDULE: Full-Time/Variable

Flexibility required for emergent needs



GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Responsible for coordinating the SafePointe harm reduction program and supporting AxessPointe’s MAT program, offering support to patients with substance use disorders who are either in recovery or active addiction. Uses lived experience to connect with clients as they explore readiness for recovery and works with them to facilitate recovery services or connections to community support agencies. Works collaboratively with AxessPointe’s behavioral, medical and dental teams to enhance the continuum of recovery-oriented care based on patients’ needs. Contributes to an AxessPointe/FCS culture that is free of stigma related to substance use disorders; models and promotes understanding of successful recovery strategies and behaviors. Conducts outreach to partner agencies and attends community events in Portage County.




1. Through the SafePointe program, provide clients with education regarding safe drug use, overdose prevention, and infectious disease transmission;  provide supplies for safe drug use and overdose reversal (naloxone);  offer and coordinate referrals to recovery treatment, behavioral health, medical care, and dental care.

2. Maintain SafePointe inventory, periodically re-evaluating the range of supplies offered based on trends and demand in the community.

3. Maintain awareness of and compliance with any regulatory changes specifically pertaining to syringe services, drug supply testing strips, and other harm reduction approaches.

4. Promote recovery skills and self-efficacy while presenting a caring, culturally responsive, and compassionate attitude and a strengths-based, person-centered approach.

5. Establish trusting relationships with clients, understanding and adhering to appropriate boundaries, and modeling skills or behaviors needed to achieve and maintain recovery.

6. Understand the role of MAT in achieving and maintaining sobriety and adhere to AxessPointe’s clinical policies and procedures related to MAT.

7. Encourage and support adherence to clinical treatment plans including MAT, and advocate on client’s behalf as they seek to overcome any barriers to this.

8. Promote the importance of comprehensive health to recovery and wellness, including primary care, dental care, and health-promoting behaviors such as smoking cessation, nutrition, and physical activity.

9. Assist individuals with accessing other recovery supports, such as transportation programs, pre-treatment and recovery housing, childcare, and employment opportunities.

10. Provide support and advocacy to individuals involved with the criminal justice system.

11. Maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and make every attempt to resolve work-related difficulties with co-workers in a timely fashion.

12. Meet regularly with the supervisor, and promptly communicate all concerns or questions regarding individual clients or aspects of the program to the supervisor and other appropriate AxessPointe/FCS staff.

13. Consult, collaborate, and communicate externally when appropriate to other service providers, schools, law enforcement agencies, courts, etc. in compliance with HIPAA and as required by law.

14. Maintain required records of services provided and patient outcomes;  complete all documentation in a timely manner according to the policies of AxessPointe/FCS and the Ohio Department of Mental Health, including necessary data for statistical and billing purposes.

15. Maintain current knowledge of all applicable AxessPointe/FCS policies and procedures and function according to these standards.

16. Comply with COA regulations, federal and state requirements, and educational/certification/registry requirements.

17. Attend and participate in staff meetings, in-service training, supervision, various committees as assigned and other meetings to receive information and instructions as well as to remain current and accurate on procedures, policies, and techniques.

18. Fulfill other duties as assigned.




1. Lived experience with problematic substance use, behavior change, and recovery.

2. Knowledge and understanding of the range of services available to individuals with substance use disorders.

3. Certified through OhioMHAS as an Ohio Peer Supporter.

4. Skills in crisis intervention and de-escalation.

5. The ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

6. The ability to establish and maintain clinically effective relationships with clients.

7. Ability to meet agency requirements for criminal background check.

8. Must possess a valid Ohio driver’s license in accordance with County policy and must maintain motor vehicle liability insurance, must maintain continuing eligibility under the existing County driver eligibility standards.

9. Must be willing to transport clients in personal vehicle when needed.

10. Ability to function as part of an organization by working with others and by adhering to established policies and procedures.

11. Must be knowledgeable of and adhere to all pertinent federal, state, and local laws, standards of the Ohio Department of Mental Health, and appropriate professional ethical standards.




MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:  Two years experience preferred.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs.

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