Health Care

The Growth of Healthcare Occupations

Not only does the healthcare industry have a great effect on our quality of life, healthcare is a major supporter of the United States economy through output and employment. In 2018 alone, the healthcare sector created one in seven new jobs in the U.S.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is projected to grow 14% from 2018 to 2028 with about 1.9 million new jobs added. This means that healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs at a faster rate than any of the other occupational groups. Our country’s aging population is a major reason behind this growing demand for healthcare services.

With so many healthcare occupations needing filled in the next decade, it’s important that our country’s workforce has the skills, training, and education needed to fill a wide range of healthcare occupations. From nursing positions to medical specialists, phlebotomists, home health aides, and beyond, there are many types of medical professions that require different levels of education and experience.

The Healthcare Sector in Portage County

Portage County, Ohio is home to many medical facilities and hospitals, including University Hospitals Portage Medical Center, University Hospitals Kent Health Center and Akron Children's Hospital in Ravenna, among others. In addition to hospitals, Portage County also has many primary care doctors and specialists with offices in our communities.

Our county also offers many education and training opportunities and institutions for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. NEOMED offers opportunities to pursue a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, Master's and Ph.D degrees. Kent State University, Fortis College, The Northcoast Medical Training Academy, and Maplewood Career Center also offer a variety of programs geared towards healthcare occupations.

The Healthcare and Social Assistance industry is one of the most common employment sectors for those who live in Portage County, at 11.8% of the population in 2017. This industry comes in third behind only Manufacturing and Retail Trade. Find more information and data about the economy of Portage County, OH.